The Obama Prosecutions of 2013 or 2017:

David Kopel @ the Volokh Conspiracy put forth a fun exercise I thought might be great for RedState readers to participate in. First the question then the rules:

Hypothesize that the Obama administration, or perhaps foreign/international courts, prosecute and convict various officials of the Bush administration. Further assume that the new President who takes office in 2013 or 2017 has promised “I will ensure that the crimes of the previous administration are vigorously prosecuted.”

Which, if any, acts of the First 100 Days of the Obama administration might be prosecuted? In answering the question, you may aggressively interpret any statute, treaty, jurisdictional claim, etc., in favor of the prosecution, but the interpretation may not involve a greater stretch than would be required to hypothesize the convictions of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, their attorneys, CIA officers, and so on.

So the question has been posed and the groud rules set… what say you?

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