Orange County Ca. Tax Day Tea Party

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If you’re in the southern California area on Tax day and looking for a Tea Party to attend consider joining me in Santa Ana. I’ll be there… video camera in tow, documenting, interviewing, and protesting. If enough RedStaters and TMR readers want to get together for this event I’ll organize a meet-up afterward for happy hour! :0)

CITY: Santa Ana, CA

WHO: Anyone and everyone who’s against excessive government growth and spending at the expense of the middle class and families

WHAT: A civil protest focusing on repealing pork and lowering federal taxes, protecting the American dream.

WHEN: 12-2 PM; APRIL15

WHERE: Plaza of the Flags, Santa Ana Civic Center – Behind the Superior Court Bldg.

Facebook Group: Click here

Other Info: PARKING – Plenty of public parking structures nearby.

Please note the Santa Ana ordinance regulating sign supports:

***SIGNS. Any signs with supports, shall have supports, which are made of wood, blunt at each end, not exceed forty (40) inches in length, be one-fourth-inch ( 1/4″) or less in thickness and two (2) inches or less in width. –PVC pipe not allowed.”

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