Lounging at a Basketball Game Doesn’t Inspire Confidence Mr. President

It’s a good thing we’re not in the middle of an economic crisis or anything… because this could have made the president look like he wasn’t working hard enough!

Molly Riley/Reuters

Molly Riley/Reuters

Look, I realize we all need some downtime but this is ridiculous! This country is experiencing real hardship and serious problems… and we need serious people to solve them.

Holding silly-ass online townhall meetings, stumping all around the country on issues that have little to no relevance to our current problems, and taking every opportunity to get your mug on Leno and other celebrity one-stops is a clear indication to most observers that “Teh One” cares more about being a Celebrity-in-Chief than Commander-in-Chief

Of all the things one can say about President Bill Clinton (and one could say a lot) and his successor George W Bush (and one could say a lot about him as well) the one thing you can’t say is they didn’t love, and give themselves over entirely to the act of managing the country. For better or worse both men were well versed and seasoned managers, and becoming a manager doesn’t lend itself easily to on the job training. These two men were qualified and experienced managers and it showed in their respective tenures.

In contrast Barack Obama has zero managerial experience, having run nothing, no business, no city, no state, apart from running the fiscal arm of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) that distributed grants to schools and raised matching funds which, it turns out, was a miserable failure!

Governing requires specific skill sets that are learned by rising through a corporate, or government structure, it also requires one to present.

It’s been just over 60+ days since President Obama took office, and in that time, our country has continued to suffer. Blame can be cast in many directions and is a topic for another post but one thing that must be addressed is the appearance that Obama isn’t working hard enough for us and as we all know – “in politics perception is everything”.

Is it too much to ask that for 3 or 4 months the President hunker down in the Oval Office and attend to the immediate problems we’re facing rather than running around trying to be Celebrity-in-Chief instead of Commander-in-Chief?