Italian Tomatoes: Tonight's Special Guest - Congressman Tom Tancredo

Tonight’s Special Guest will be Congressman Tom Tancredo. The Congressman will be discussing speak about the current economic status of the U.S. and how immigration is pushing along the economic down turn.

Also, as the new administration hits the two month mark, it is hard not to be struck by its utter weirdness. I do not like Hitler analogies in American politics, but Hitler’s bunker metaphors are frequently appropriate for our political luminaries. And President Obama is qualifying with a vengeance. He spends money that we do not have, telling us to trust his vision and that it will all work out triumphantly. It is a less deadly, but equally ridiculous, manifestation of that state of mind, divorced from reality, whereby the former Vienna paper hanger would order non-existent divisions around the Russian front.

We will psychoanalyze this phenomenon on Italian Tomatoes tonight at 8PM Central. Bring your own couch!

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