Al Sharpton and Other Activists March on The New York Post Over A Cartoon

Let the hypersensitivity begin… Sometimes a monkey is just a monkey!

This cartoon sketch by Post cartoonist Sean Delonas has people up in arms, chanting “shut the Post down”, shouting racism, and calling for action against the cartoonist and the editor.

(New York Post/AP)

This is taking absurdity to the inth degree.


“I’m outraged that they’d have the audacity to use this cartoon and not think that it would have an impact for people…how in the world do you have the audacity?” asked Hazel Dukes, President of the New York State NAACP and member of the organization’s national board of directors.”It’s kind of a vicious personal attack. The attacks are beginning. They obviously have a racist character, which is highly upsetting and disappointing,” said Upper West Side resident Michael Skakum.


“Here, you have someone using race-tinged cartoons to racially offend the president,” The Rev. Al Sharpton said.

With the recent front page news of both the stimulus bill and the chimpanzee attack most clear thinking adults would understand the correlation and morphing of these two stories to create a satirical or controversial cartoon, after all, that’s what cartoonists do!

To somehow suggest that this is racist or even a slight against President Obama is making a huge leap and taking hypersensitivity to a whole new level.

In my opinion, even on it’s own without the chimpanzee attack being front page news, there’s nothing in this cartoon that equates the monkey being shot with Obama. In fact, when I first saw the cartoon the first thing that popped into my head was Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats. After all, it was the House D’s that wrote the “Generational Theft Bill”… not President Obama!!!

Finding racism where none really exists or just someone or something to be mad at, for these washed-up pre-Obama era “race hustlers” and “race-baiters” seems par for the course these days.

I hope these folks find a better way and outlet to channel their energy in the months and years ahead.

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