Tony Blankley Comes To TMR Aftermath Radio!

Our national security is being held hostage by our reliance on foreign oil. We need a nationalist energy policy, one that secures the energy we need, at a cost we can afford, and ensures our independence. That sounds like a tall order – but it shouldn’t be. America’s current energy woes are the direct result of political failure, of the failure of our government to have the foresight and determination to achieve what should be obvious goals – goals that have been clear at least since the 1973 OPEC oil boycott.

While the war on Islamic terrorists receives the biggest headlines these days, countries are waging a constant struggle over the world’s energy resources. If current trends continue, competition for these resources will become even more intense. Tensions over resource rich areas, both on land and offshore, will result in an explosion of what has been called “resource wars.” There is only one way America can avoid getting drawn into these kinds of conflicts: by developing our own natural resources and breaking our energy dependence on foreign countries. If America fails to achieve this goal, the twenty-first century will be a much bloodier one for us than it need be. — Tony Blankley

Tony Blankley, one-time speechwriter and policy analyst for President Ronald Reagan, press secretary for Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, and syndicated columnist, will appear Wednesday night on TMR Aftermath Radio to talk about his newest book, American Grit: What It Will Take to Survive and Win in the 21st Century.Blankley lays out a three-pronged approach that the United States must follow to survive against determined enemies in the 21st Century. Sometimes controversial, Blankley lays out a plan to follow, and explains why President Barack Obama is ill-suited to lead this nation forward.

In his book, Blankley explains why the United States needs:

  • A universal military draft of both men and women—not only to boost the size of our fighting force, but to instill a unity of toughness and cultural purpose among both the personally self-indulgent and un-assimilated immigrants.
  • A policy to get us on the road to energy independence to expand our diplomatic and economic options in the Middle East and around the world.
  • A serious and sophisticated program for communicating Western moral values and the American spirit of self-determination to people living under oppressive regimes as well as to voters here at home.

He goes on to further explain why President Barack Obama’s policies are not right for this country. He explains:

  • How Obama’s plan for national service is a weak substitute for what America really needs—a full-on military draft
  • How Obama’s infatuation with alternative energy will damage America’s national interests
  • Why we need stricter laws to prevent the media from compromising our national security
  • Why the office of the presidency, contrary to popular belief, has not gained enough power since the September 11 attacks
  • How we can craft a successful foreign policy that avoids the mistakes of both the liberals and the neo-cons
  • How our war effort in Iraq was undermined by effective enemy propaganda—and what we can do about it
  • Why education reform under President Obama will fail to address one of the biggest problems in our education system: the failure to teach patriotism

Please join us Wednesday night from 8-10 pm EST (5-7 PST) as Tony Blankley talks about his great new book with the Aftermath Radio gang.

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