Obama's Era of Post-Partisan Politics is DOA

Obama’s era of post-partisan politics is Dead On Arrival and it’s entirely his own fault!

Over the past week we’ve seen exactly how “Post-Partisan” or “Bipartisan” this administration is. Obama’s idea of Bipartisan was to go to Nancy Pelosi to draft a stimulus bill with zero input from Republicans!

So why is the presidents Post-Partisan rhetoric decaying?

After plying Republican leaders with cocktails and invitations to a White House Super Bowl party House Republicans voted unanimously NO on the HUGE stimulus bill.

Republicans in the House had sound political reasons to obey their leadership and vote against the stimulus package.

They complain that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats did not get Obama’s memo about bipartisanship and claim they were shut out of framing a bill they say features unnecessary spending and insufficient tax cuts.

Yesterday morning the people’s voices were really starting to resonate at the White House as Politico reported Obama losing stimulus message war in spite of the authors clear biased reporting contributing the decline in support for the horrible bill to talk radio, it’s still right on point in saying support for this bill is extremely low.

Despite Obama’s sky-high personal approval ratings, polls show support has declined for his stimulus bill since Republicans and their conservative talk-radio allies began railing against what they labeled as pork barrel spending within it.

The sheer size of it — hovering at about $900 billion — has prompted more protests that are now causing some moderate and conservative Democrats to flinch and, worse, hesitate.

In the Afternoon yesterday Obama speaking at the Energy Department clearly felt the pressure as it seems the only thing he wanted to speak about was this bill

He emphasized a need to “Act Now!” and started his decline back into campaign mode and blaming Republicans

Last night during a House Democrats’ retreat in Williamsburg Va Obama abandoned his Post-Partisan rhetoric completely and returned to a stump speech style of pandering to the left and blaming Bush and Republicans for a problem that was thrust upon us by Democrats in Congress following liberal social policies.

After last night’s speech Obama has shown himself not to be “Post-Partisan” or “Bipartisan” but nothing more than a left wing liberal Ideologue who seems to define “Post-Partisan” or “Bipartisan” working together as the other side either getting on board with his ideas or coming up with new Ideas that he approves of whether or not those ideas are complete losers or not.

Ideas aren’t old and tired Mr. President if they’ve never been implemented! the presidents statements last night were a direct assault on conservatives and conservative principles… and I say Game On!!!

At least John McCain answered back, to a point, on the Senate floor today McCain Calls Obama Out on the Use of “Bipartisan”

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