The Left Vows Big Changes on "Issue After Issue" in the Next Congress

This statement alone should scare every American voter who doesn’t see him/her self as a socialist!

It’s no secrete, liberals in Congress have been salivating at the chance to make broad sweeping changes to America on a number of issues most of which are designed to separate you from your money and shut down free speech!

Lately, Democrats feeling overly optimistic at the chance of controlling both chambers of Congress and the White House, have begun to let their guard down and show the public what they have been hiding for decades. Their true agenda is to completely Socialize America, bring it’s status as a world leader down, and kill decent or regulate it utterly useless by squeezing it out of existence.

We know this because most of the leaders of the Democrat Party are on record as saying so. The immediate issue that comes to mind is the Fairness Doctrine followed by a whole slew of new social and tax programs including socialized medicine. So it’s not surprising that good ol Chuck Schumer is looking forward to the new Senate session.From CNSNews

“I am really looking forward to the next session of Congress, because I think it’s going to be a groundbreaking session, and you are going to see significant change,” Schumer told reporters. “As a legislator – and I have been a legislator for 34 years – I can’t think of a time that I have been more excited at the prospect of change.”When a reporter asked Schumer what kind of changes the Senate would make if Democrats gained a filibuster-proof majority, he said it would include countless issues.“It’s issue after issue,” said Schumer. “I think we will have a better policy on Iraq. I think we will have a better policy on energy. I think we will have a better policy on immigration. I think we will have a better policy on education. I think we will have a better policy on health care. It’s a huge list.”

And Schumer’s not the only one Pelosi, Reid, and most of the committee chairmen know that regardless of the parallel universe the presidential contenders pontificate about on the campaign trail, once elected, they will have to come back down to the real world were Congress gets the last word and approves or rejects the presidents direction on issues, and like this article outlines that just how they like it:

After more than a dozen years of being stymied, first by Newt Gingrich and then by George W. Bush, congressional Democrats are bursting with pent-up ambitions and long-deferred dreams. Some are epic undertakings that would affect every American for decades — like the proposal to impose a cap on carbon dioxide emissions and put a price on permits to burn fossil fuels. Or the goal of completely reorganising the way the US manages health care. Other, smaller projects involve large amounts of controversy — like a Bill that would allow federal funds to pay for abortions. And expansion of embryonic-stem-cell research. And a “path to citizenship” for millions of immigrants who are living illegally in the US.Well-funded liberal interest groups will compete to rush their pet causes to the top of this agenda, while conservative groups will use these issues to rebuild their battered bases. Both presidential candidates have promised to lance the boil of partisan demagoguery in Washington, but for many of these interest groups, comity is bad for business. The fracturing of the media into a thousand voices — many of them strident — will further complicate the new President’s efforts to deliver on the promise of a more civil way of doing the nation’s business..

Not only do I instinctively reach for my wallet when Democrats start talking about these issues I also fear that the road to fix these massive changes is going to be along one. A winding road filled with uphill battles, crazy pin hair turns, rickety bridges and a couple of well placed land mines capable of detouring our journey for many years to come.

Let’s not buy into “the race is over” BS meme coming from the left and a complicit downstream media… GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

Be sure to tell your friends and family as well — make sure their informed and armed with the knowledge of just how important this election year is! Not just for the presidential race but for the under-ticket also!!!

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