Obama Supporter Can't Wait for the New Socialist Revolution!

Obama’s promise to “spread the wealth around” has people weeping at the prospect that if they help him (with a vote) he will help them (with free money and services). Like this nice lady…

I don’t fault this woman at all for taking Senator Government at his word, hell, It’s not like their hiding their intentions any longer. What frightens me, and what should frighten the bejesus out of every American, is the trade off.

Redistribution of wealth, the taking of money from one arbitrary group of people and giving it to another arbitrary group of people is one of the fundamental guiding principles of Socialism/Marxism.Taxing individuals and companies that make over a certain amount of money (First it was $400,000 then $250,000 then $200,000 — today it’s down between $142,000 and $150,000) will only hurt the lower and middle class folks that buy goods and services from those individuals and companies!

You see what gets lost in the numbers game is the simple fact that when individuals and companies get taxed there are two things that happen immediately:

1) Their cost of doing business goes up so they either have to raise prices or lay off workers both are bad for the lower and middle class.

2) Companies in the US don’t pay taxes they pass the tax on to the consumer (YOU!) so if you tax them more the goods and services you need and pay for every day will go up!

This is why Democrats are so lousy on economic issues they fundamentally don’t understand the way our business or economy functions in this country or their just counting on you being ignorant or not caring enough to get that deeply involved.

The sad part of this is that people who are struggling think this is a great idea, and why not, if someone is offering you free stuff… hey go for it right? Problem with that is… that money has to come from someplace and what happens when the well runs dry???

you wind up with government run bureaucratic monstrosities that can no longer sustain themselves and turn out to be more of a problem than a solution. here are some current examples:

1) Social Security
2) Medicaid
3) Welfare
4) The Tax Code
5) Countless other bureaucracies that show little or no return on your investment

Ladies and gentlemen, we have serious issues and we need serious people to solve them! At a time when most of our European allies are trying to correct their past mistakes by turning away from Socialism/Marxism by electing center right leaders, why on gods green earth are we running head long into it?

This is no time to try once again to implement a philosophy that has failed every single time it’s been tried!

This is no time to look back on the bold experiments that worked for a short period of time but proved to be disastrous in the long term!

This is not a time to put your blind trust in a man who most Americans know absolutely nothing about and is un-tested!

This is no time to opt for soaring rhetoric because it makes you feel good… after all they’re “JUST WORDS!