Pelosi Play’s Lucy to the Bailout Bill’s Charlie Brown!

A curious narrative about the so-called bipartisan compromise bailout bill started to form after Speaker Pelosi made her wildly partisan speech seen here and here and the subsequent failure of said bill. That narrative is, and as the day unfolded more and more evidence supports, the fact that the Democrat leadership didn’t fully support the passage of this bill and in fact, may have been setting the House Republicans up to take the fall for an unpopular bill which is almost assured to fail.The fact is Nancy and co. hold the majority in both houses of congress and could have passed any version of the Paulson plan they wanted to. The fact that they didn’t, I believe, shows a consorted effort by the Democrat leadership to pin this on Republicans. It’s the majority party’s job to make certain they have their votes lined-up and ready to go! I know what your thinking, Steven your being way to cynical, but think about it. This afternoon when Ryan Grim of the Crypt asked House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn about the bailout bill he said:

“We haven’t started whipping.”

Asked if he’s going to start whipping, Clyburn says: “The speaker hasn’t told me yet. I do what I’m told.”

FOXNews was reporting well before the vote took place that the numbers weren’t there.

So why, with public opinion in the negative and plummeting by the second, along with very weak support among members of both parties did the Speaker go ahead with this vote and why the hyper partisan speech preceding it?

In my opinion, it’s simple really, what we witnessed today was a piece of political theater perpetrated by the Democrat leadership. A set-up designed to catch House Republicans asleep at the wheel that completely backfired due to strong conservative leadership from certain House Republicans and the winners are those very same leaders and the American People!

For all those that are paying attention this furthers the notion that the Do-Nothing Democrat Controlled Congress and its leaders Speaker Pelosi and Harry Reid have failed to lead, failed to take serious this bill, and failed to do the people business in favor of partisan posturing.