Barack Obama Wins The Nobel Peace Prize for Nothing

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The ASSociated Press has a story this morning “Analysis: He won, but for what?” To their credit, they’re actually asking the right question as Journalism should…

The article state the prize seems to be more about “Obama’s promise than for his performance” If that were the case that would be like giving the Nobel Prize for Medicine to someone who came up with the idea for a revolutionary drug rather than actually INVENTING the drug. This award reminds me of Al Gore winning last year… for Chicken Littling an event that is now questioned by more scientists as not existing than those who claim it does. Not too mention the recent revelation that the “scientists” who backed the IPCC report did so for financial reasons. (See: http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/dschultz/2009/06/29/obamas-epa-ignores-inconvenient-truths/) … but we digress…

The article states the following: “The prize seems to be more for Obama’s promise than for his performance. Work on the president’s ambitious agenda, both at home and abroad, is barely underway, much less finished. He has no standout moment of victory that would seem to warrant a verdict as sweeping as that issued by the Nobel committee.”

I would venture that the awarding the Nobel Prize to Obama is more about his/their politics than anything to do with promise or performance. The Nobel Prize Committee seems to have no problem honoring recipients who have either ties to, or sympathy for, tyrannical ideas such as socialism…

Yasser Arafat (Terrorist – thousands dead at his hands)

Jimmy Carter (A supporter/sympathizer to every Socialist/Communist leader in the world that is against Human Rights, yet he walks around making himself out to be a humanitarian)

Nelson Mandela (Was a staunch supporter of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, the Lockerbie Bomber, who killed 270 people)

Bishop Desmond Tutu (Supporting dictatorships in Zimbabwe and blaming the West for their own problems… sounds very Muslim to me)

Al Gore (Need we say more… the politics of his Global Warming Chicken Little act would decimate millions of people into poverty and control by the State)

Now Barack Obama (For attempting to impose Socialism and throw mud on the “Shining City on the Hill”)

For those who would question why Nelson Mandela is on this list… proof here: UK Telegraph: No Sympathy Apartheid was a travesty… but I think his imprisonment all those years had real cause behind it given his proclivities for supporting terrorists.

A post I discovered written by a Tim Siggia entitled The Nobel Peace Farce pretty much sums it up with this statement:

“Perhaps the last Nobel Peace Prize recipient who really deserved such an award was Mother Teresa of Calcutta, believed by many to eventually become a canonized saint of the Catholic Church. That the good Albanian nun was worthy of such honor there is no question. Whether or not the Nobel Peace Prize is worthy of her is another matter altogether. Ever since then, the Nobel Peace Prize, whatever it was originally supposed to be, has degenerated into an annual political-correctness award having nothing to do with peace, and everything to do with politics..

Sounds to me that the Nobel Prize is coasting on past prestige to drape the imposition of tyranny in a cloak of honorable respectability… It lost that about 15 years ago. Frankly… The Nobel Prize should be placed in the same category as the Pulitzer… Interesting to note that the Pulitzer was named after a publisher who was characteristically known for, and was often accused of, promoting “yellow” journalism. How fitting.