Media Not Doing Their Job.... AGAIN!!

Cross-posting sections of this story I posted over at We Rush Daily

Only sections because I went off on a tear and blasted a few folks… something about dim bulbs… anyway I digress…

“…Recently, Jonathon Martin posted an article on the Politico; entitled “Joe not a licensed plumber, McCain’s enthusiasm not diminished”. Though short and “sweet” rehashes what was reported in the Toledo Blade (Oh the fun we could have with a name like that…) But like the Blade, Mr. Martin, misrepresents the entire situation by TOTALLY IGNORING the most important point of the story…


I’m not a plumber, nor am I a “Journalist”.. and I don’t play one on TV, but it took me all of 5 minutes to find the required code: The licensing requirements of plumbing especially in the state of Illinois. Quote…

“Section 750.600 Organization of Plumbing Firms

At least one member of every firm, association or partnership engaged in plumbing work, and at least one corporate officer of every corporation engaged in plumbing work, shall be a licensed plumber. The licensed plumber who is a corporate officer shall be individually responsible for all plumbing work performed by employees of the corporation, as documented by payroll records, time sheets or W-2 forms.”

(see http://www.ilga.gov/commission/jcar/admincode/068/068007500F06000R.html)

Basically, the guy who runs the show, carries the license and is ultimately responsible for the work. So in effect… and I state it again for clarity… HE DOESN’T NEED A LICENSE!! Even the idiots at the plumbing union in Ohio conveniently ignore the above code and flat out “misrepresented” in their statements. I’m sure every member of the union knows the above code by heart. But facts never got in the way of an Obama supporter now did it?

As Mr. Wurzelbacher stated he hopes to someday buy the company he’s working for… at that point he will definitely need that license.

So to Mr. Wurzelbacher… go ahead and call yourself a plumber.”