Scott Brown's Centrism

I know the Tea Party was active in getting Scott Brown elected, but had they spent time looking at his record then, they wouldn’t be so surprised now. He is acting exactly like he said he would: as a center-right pragmatist, and The Moderate Republican couldn’t be happier to have him as its senator. The Worcester Telegram has a similar viewpoint.

His voting record indicates that Mr. Brown is exactly what he promised he would be: an independent senator not beholden to his party’s line, Congressional leadership, or special interests. To be sure, his embrace of free markets, a pro-business stance, deep concern over rising debts, and a belief that Americans at all levels have had plenty enough of taxes and regulations, do mark Mr. Brown as a fiscal conservative true to his Republican roots.

But Mr. Brown’s story to date is not primarily about party politics, and far from an ideological island isolated from the pressing concerns of real Americans. In alliance with moderates from both sides of the aisle, and with the sometimes grudging respect of heavyweights from both parties, this freshman senator is helping forge a new centrism that holds great promise for breaking the tired paradigms that have marked political life in Washington, D.C., for far too long.

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