Hiding in Plain Sight for 31 years in Happy Valley

This guy Sandusky is in the same class or league as Jeffrey Dahmer or John Gacy. Dahmer and Gacy’s victims were a little older, but the pattern is pretty much the same. So far there is no evidence that Sandusky dispatched any of his victims, but because the authorities are having a difficult time finding Victim #2 who was approximately 10 years old at the time of the rape in 2002, the authorities have to start looking for bodies. The State Attorney isn’t going to tell us about the search for bodies, yet.

Victim #2 shouldn’t be this hard to find, if he is alive. If the rape happened in 2002 and the investigation began in 2008, that would have made the child 16 or 17 years old at the time. A predator put in the position of being undeniably caught while naked and in the act by an adult eye witness and allowed to leave the scene of the crime(in FL, a Capital Crime) with the victim, is thinking, “How do I stop this victim from talking. There is only one way. “

Crimes against children investigators have the same kind of triage system as an EMT. If an EMT is confronted with an injured person who is bleeding and has a compound fracture, but is not breathing, the EMT opens the airway and gets the breathing going before anything else, because if he doesn’t the patient dies. The other trauma can wait. When faced with an accusation like this, child investigators triage to the child. Protect the child first and move to the predator second. Find the child and protect the child. The investigation into whether the accusation is true, can wait.

Disadvantaged children normally come from single parent impoverished homes. This family probably wouldn’t be very mobile. Surely, the Sandusky predator’s nest, the Second Mile, would have had to keep good records on the children in their charge. They should even have photographs of the boys that McQueary could look at to determine the identity of the boy. Many of these programs, at the very least, take group or “team” photos of the children. Sandusky obtained his prey from the Penn State camp where 2nd Mile children came in the summer. Surely there are group photos of these camp attendees.

His lawyer, meekly and not very vociferously, said that his client is maintaining his innocence. This is lawyer speak for “my client says he’s innocent,… I’m not saying he’s innocent”. But, questions the press should be asking the lawyer assuming he believes his client is innocent are over the last three years, 1) has your client been talking to authorities or remained silent 2) did he reveal the identity of Victim #2 3) did he produce any pictures of Victim #2 4)is he denying the existence of Victim #2 5) did he allow authorities to search his computers, home and cars and did he willingly give a DNA sample 5) are you also representing his wife, Dorothy. 6) Did he testify to the Grand Jury and if he is innocent, why not?

Sandusky started the predator’s nest in 1977, so that gives him 31 years of access to his prey. Saying that he abused 3 to 4 children per year that would mean that there could be nearly 100 victims.

Something else for sure. Sandusky has trophies. Probably videos and pictures of sexual activity with these children that he uses for self gratification. The authorities may already have been looking for the trophies without success, but there is one person other than Sandusky who knows where the trophies are and that is his wife. Authorities should have been looking for storage facilities, vacation homes, hunting cabins and anywhere the predator has been to try to find the trophies. Someone like him, doesn’t destroy the trophies even when under investigation. The trophies are his most valuable possession. He probably doesn’t want to be too far detached from his “Precious”, so the videos are probably somewhere in the house. The wife knows where.

If you think it’s important not to quickly judge this guy, read the grand jury report http://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/Presentment.pdf, first.