OWS, "what are we fighting for?".

This protest thing about the evils of capitalism has been going on since, well… capitalism. Properly defined as the production of goods and services through the ownership of private property, capitalism, is a relatively new concept in the history of mankind, but has produced the greatest results and prosperity of any society or economy that has existed since the Cro-Magnon man fought with the dinosaurs. Actually, dinosaurs preceded and disappeared years before the existence of mankind , but most of the OWS protesters probably don’t know that.

Every time I witness one of these anti-business kinds of protests, I think about the movie, The Edukators. This is a German made movie with English subtitles and the plot involves these 20 something anarchists who break into rich peoples’ homes and re-arrange the furniture and leave. They do this to make the “capitalists” uneasy so that they fear about their wealth. Inevitably, one of the homeowners catches them in the act and the Edukators take him hostage. They drive him to a rural location to a cabin that a relative owns. The Edukators get into a discussion with the CEO billionaire and they find out that he was once like them living in a commune protesting social injustice, but he got married and had kids so he had to go to work to provide for his family. One thing led to another and his business grew to the point where he began employing 30K people and became very wealthy on paper.

So the Edukators ask him, “Well if you feel this way, like we do, about social injustice and the concentration of wealth with the few, why don’t you just sell everything and give it away to the poor? “ And the CEO, thinks about this for a minute and says, “Yes, I could do that. BUT I COULD ONLY DO THAT ONCE.” “If I maintain my business, keep it going, keep selling and keep planning, I can give jobs to 30K or more people over and over and over.“

The point of the whole discussion was, I think, to point out, that 1) the business guy was actually a pretty good fellow and appeared more than human to the kids 2) he wasn’t really that much different from the Edukators, he just was a successful business owner 3) the CEO was able to bring the group around somewhat to his way of thinking 4) the Edukators all admitted that they really didn’t know how business worked or how “capitalism” really works.

Personally, I hope this OWS thing goes on for a long time. And I hope that the MSM keeps bringing up the compare and contrast thing about OWS and the Tea Party movement. Because there is one factor that no one in the MSM is bringing up about the main difference between the two movements. That factor is that everyone in the Tea Party movement is registered to vote.