New game show, Winner Take All

Game Host: Ok contestants, this is how the game works!! You can either choose to Play it Safe or you can go for the gusto and choose Winner Take All. Ok, Mr. Florida, if you choose to roll the dice, flip the coin, or go for it all, you get 29 electoral votes. But if you decide to Play it Safe, you get 22 guaranteed electoral votes without gambling. Yes, there’s a question from the contestant:

Mr. Florida: “What do I get if I go for the Winner Take All and I don’t win”

Game Host: Well, audience, you can answer that question, What is it? A BIG FAT ZERO. Right, you get nothing.

Mr. Florida: So, if I play it safe, I get a for sure 22, and if I gamble it and risk it all I only get another 7 for my trouble, but I could end up with zero?

Game Host: That’s right Mr. Florida.

Mr. Florida: I’ll take the 22. Only a moron would choose the Winner Take All.

Game Host: And there you have it audience another successful round of Winner Take All, where if you Play it Safe, everyone wins.

If Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Florida (all controlled by (R) legislatures and Governor) vote to Play it Safe and apportion their electoral votes by congressional district, Game Over, Republican walks into the WH in January 2013.
I don’t want to hear any excuses if we have to suffer through another 4 years of the current schlemiel.