Is the left totally losing it, over the tea party or is it just my imagination?

Typically, despots, tyrants, dictators and groups that seek to take power over others through force need to have an evil enemy or target group that is the reason for all the ills of their current society. Capitalists have perennially been a favorite target group. Adolf Hitler used the communists and the Jews as the groups that were causing all of the hardships that the German people were experiencing in the late 20’s and early 30’s. The Nazi party in Germany in 1928 was just a small group of inconsequential nobodies who took over the government by 1933. The Nazi party propaganda hammered the notion that if it weren’t for the Jews and the communists, everything in Germany would be peaches and roses.

Now the 21st century enemy has been defined. And that enemy is the TEA PARTY. Forget the fact that the Tea Party is not really a party at all and just a bunch of ideas and beliefs shared by quite a few people who favor limited government, balanced budgets and just want to be left alone. The TEA PARTY has become the Juden of 2011-2012. Probably, if Mr. Hoffa and Mr. Biden and Mr. Obama had their way, they would try to identify all members of the Tea party and require them to wear arm bands signifying their membership. Or maybe they could just require all citizens to report to their nearest federal government office of Homeland Security and declare if they are members of the tea party or at least rat out a neighbor who is a member of the tea party. Certainly, they could at least come up with a form that all air travelers have to fill out indicating whether they are members of the tea party and this information could be entered into the appropriate data base.

Ultimately, they would have to have the Endlosung der Teapartyfrag (final solution of the Tea Party question), but only after convincing the majority of Americans that unemployment, the banking crisis, the 14 trillion dollar deficits, sex without condoms, and low test scores are all the fault of the Tea Party even though the modern day Tea Party notion has only been around for about 16 or so months.