Compare Obama's record to a head coach in the NFL

Obama’s record 0-16

Home prices have dropped more since Obama’s inauguration, on a percentage basis, than during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

2011 will be the worst year for new home sales in 50 years

SS COLA 2010/zero 2011/zero 2012/1.2 percent

UE rate has averaged 9.2 percent since inauguration, first 9 percent, three year run since the Great Depression

Going on 5 trillion added to the National Debt

Individuals on food stamps 47 million, a US record

Gasoline prices have doubled since inauguration

2 million less people working since the enactment of the ARRA, ak “The Stimulus”.

Has failed to remove any troops from Iraq or Afghanistan

Guantanamo detention center still open

2008 promised to create 5 million well-paying green jobs, not sure where those are

63 Democrats in the House and 6 in Senate lost seats in 2010 due to BHO policies

Largest increase of SS Disability applications in history

58% of Americans want Obamacare repealed

Consumer confidence a record low

Sued Boeing for creating 1000 jobs in South Carolina

The consensus is that BHO is a good man: honest, smart, and well-meaning. In the history of the NFL, there have been 448 head coaches. How many of them were good, honest, smart and well-meaning? Probably most of them. Coaches say that they are hired to be fired. That is because there is really only one criteria for keeping the head coaching job in the NFL and it doesn’t include being honest, smart, or well-meaning with good intentions. And head coaches, like Bill Belichik and Vince Lombardi, never blamed their predecessors for dealing them a bad hand.