File this under.. I hope they don't notice

Social Security Cola adjustment coming out in mid-October (prediction of 1.2%). Since Obama’s inauguration, there’s been no inflation says the administration . Cola in 2010 was 0 and 2011 was 0. This is a real good indication of how good at math this President is and how concerned he is with the senior vote. The following are all price increases since inauguration day.

If you don’t eat anything made of beef, wheat or corn, you are probably ok. Beef up 68%, wheat up 35% and corn up 78%. If you don’t drink coffee, you are certainly better off because coffee prices have increased 105%. If you don’t buy anything made of wool or cotton (up 250% and 105%), you may be still treading water. If you don’t travel by plane or car (gas up 110% and jet fuel up 100%), you could still maybe consider voting for Barry, again. And we all know that sugar is bad for the body, so just because the price has increased by 140%, that shouldn’t cause any worry. And if you don’t watch TV or use the internet or use air conditioning or electricity, the increase of 300% on copper prices shouldn’t be a problem. Basically, if you don’t get out of bed and get dressed, watch tv, use the internet, eat anything or grow your own food, travel anywhere or buy any new clothes, you haven’t experienced any inflation.

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