Bus trip to Swing ? States ? Why not FL?

Since when are MN,IA, and IL swing states? If these states aren’t firmly in the Obama column, then he needs to hire a new campaign staff. It would have made more sense to take the bus through MI,OH and IN because these are the states Obama needs to keep, if he wants to be re-elected. And, It looks increasingly like the Obama campaign is looking to Florida to pull the campaign over the 270. With hopes fading fast in OH,IN,NC, and VA, they are looking to FL as the must win state. Please tell me what they see here because I live here and this is what I see:

1)      We will have 27 Congressional districts, only 6 or 7 democrat

2)      We have an over-whelming majority of Republicans in the State House and Senate and we have a Republican governor and a Secretary of State hired by the governor.

3)      Yeah, Barry won FL in 2008, when our unemployment rate was 6%, and when he was Rock Star of the Century, but only by 4.3%.

4)      Our unemployment rate has been stuck at about 11% for the 2.5 years of Barry.

5)      The African-American unemployment rate is near 20% since Barry was elected.

6)      Ask anyone about the “stimulus” and they’ll tell you that maybe it created some jobs somewhere, but not HERE.

7)      Even people who couldn’t speak English with questionable documents could get a job in the Orlando area five years ago. Not now.

8)      Home prices in the Miami area have fallen 54% since Barry was elected

9)      Foreclosures are still through the roof

10)   High school kids have unemployment rates around 60% and new college graduates at about 50%. (This is the first time in 40 years and/or never that I’ve seen this)

11)   So far, I haven’t seen any Chevy Volts on the road or any other green jobs other than people being unemployed and not having cars and trucks adding to the CO2 level.