Binging on Hate Speech

This is like the addict or alcoholic who comes off rehab, has a slip and goes on a binge. Usually they will describe the pre-binge feeling and attitude as “Oh, F…k it. If you’re going to get wet, you may as well go swimming.” The “TONE” that the left said that the right had prior to the Giffords shooting which they said caused the rampage is back. Only this time, I haven’t heard any of it from the people who supported elected officials in 2010 or who have supported tea party candidates since. The left talking heads, “journalists”, and even left leaning high ranking elected representatives have been binging on this hate speech for the length of the debt ceiling debate. They have used these words to describe elected representatives in third world places like Ohio, Michigan, PA, and South Carolina.

Just some of the choice adjectives used to describe legally elected representatives in Congress:


“Terrorists, Bomb strapping terrorists, Mugging, Hostages, Hostage taking, Knife at the throat, Muggers, The gang perpetrating assaults, Extortionists, Casualties, Extremists, Somali pirates, Our version of al-qaeda terrorists, Torpedo the economy, Uncivilized hostage taking barbarians, Holding the gun to Americas head, Cannibals, Vampires, Zombies, Assaulting unnerved victims, Metallic beasts, hijackers”

Can’t make this stuff up.

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