However this goes down, the House GOP wins

The House has BHO in their sights (since I can’t say crosshairs). BHO can only do three things at this point concerning the debt ceiling. First, he can accept the fact that the ceiling won’t be raised because he and the Senate won’t agree to Cut, Cap and Balance and direct federal agencies and the treasury to start prioritizing. This has about a 1% chance of happening.

Second, he can agree to a short term increase of between 500 and a trillion with real budget cuts and no tax increases because his back is against the wall.

And third, he can ignore Congress, take the position of the Monarchal President and raise the debt ceiling himself citing some ridiculous Constitutional argument. Personally, I hope that he opts for option three. This would be the first time in American history that a President, including FDR, stated to the American people that, “I really don’t care what the House of Representatives wants, I’ll spend as much money as I want and when I want. I won the election and I’m in charge.” If BHO takes option three, he’ll confirm to most of us that he is exactly what we said he is/was, a Hugo Chavez in 1000 dollar suits with an American flag label pin. By taking option 3, BHO would kill any chance of legitimate re-election, short of martial law and declaring himself Presidente for Life.


As long as the House republicans hold to the no tax pledge and only agree to real budget cuts along with the short term increase, the GOP can’t lose. Any way this goes down, the House republican’s win the game. And right after, BHO tucks his tail and signs the short term extension, he’ll be facing one of the worst jobs reports of 2011 on Aug 9th. Weekly unemployment claims have been increasing and over 400K for the last 15 weeks and the financial and technology sectors have announced job cuts along with a few thousand jobs in the space industry. Plus they are supposed to be bringing soldiers home from Iraq and Afghanistan to stand in unemployment lines, or was that just some Obamaspeak?