Who knew? Primaries in WI on Tuesday.

This Tuesday, July 12, primaries will be held in the 6 recall races in Wisconsin against the GOP Senate incumbents. The primary is necessary because other GOP candidates registered to run in the recall election against the (D) candidates. But since we’ve talked before on these pages that the recall election process in WI was never intended to be a party thing, the “fake” (D) candidate, as the opposition is calling them are requiring a primary to decide who will run against the (R) incumbent. There are “fake” (D) candidates in all the recall races against the GOP senators.

The outcome of these “primaries” will probably be instructive as to the overall turnout in the “real” recall election to be held at different times in August due to court challenges still being appealed. The primaries are open, so any registered voter can vote for either the “real” (D) candidate or the “fake” (D) candidate. GOP supporters will more than likely (hopefully) be out voting for the “fake” candidate and the supporters of the original recall push will be out to vote for the (D) candidate. Meaning that the “fake” (D) candidate has a real chance of winning the primary should the GOP receive a higher turnout.

In special elections like this, a turnip can win the election, if the turnout is high enough. But regardless of the results of the “primaries” , the incumbents should get a real good idea of the number of people in their districts who will vote against them on the real election day and they can gotv accordingly.

Regardless of the results after all the dust settles on this recall process, even if the (D)’s took control of the Senate in WI, they couldn’t undue the work that was done by this courageous group of legislators to help local school districts and local municipalities balance their budgets without laying off essential employees. Not making any predictions.