Curfews are unconstitutional

Last year it was the summer of recovery, this year it’s the Summer of Violence. How are the cities going to cope with urban teens who are basically parentless, moneyless, and jobless. Well, the old standby comes in to play, the CURFEW. Curfew’s are also unconstitutional. All a teen would have to tell a leo is that he/she is going to church or going to a political rally and they are untouchable. Probably, the political rally story would be better. The US Constitution doesn’t make allowances for citizens under certain ages or whether the sun is out. But, hey, what’s a few unconstitutional laws among friends, like the individual mandate? School has just let out for summer and we are already witnessing riots and riot control from many inner city locations. Thanks to our Marxist administration, a 9.1% unemployment rate and the minimum wage, none of these teens have the opportunity to work or gain a skill through internship or apprenticeship type situations. What do we expect that they are going to do with their free time?