Whoops, the no one can beat BHO has changed, but still debunking Part III.

It’s amazing what a bad jobs report will do.

1) In the States that the GOP needs to turn, only 11% or less of the people who voted for BHO in 2008 need to be apathetic enough to sit out the vote. 5% in FL, 1% in NC, 11% in VA, 9% in OH, and 2% in IN. Already, BHO is taking IN off the table. The GOP only needs to turn out the same people who voted for McCain in 2008. McCain took 22 states (a miracle during a perfect storm) and he was the worst candidate for the GOP since Bob Dole. Take the worst candidate possible for the GOP now and he/she would probably still get the same number of votes that McCain got.

2) The female vote was huge for BHO in 2008. The split was 56 to 43%. His approval rate among women voters right now is between 43 to 50%. Even DWS said that economic issues are at the forefront of most women voters because they typically supervise the family finances. If this vote just goes to 50-50 in the 14 states that are in play, this alone could be enough to un-elect BHO.

3) As a main pillar of his re-election strategy, BHO is proposing the largest tax hike in US history. On Thursday June 2, 2011 “Obama noted taxes would be a defining area of contrast with Republicans on the campaign trail. He insisted that he would not compromise again on his position that the tax rates for the top earners be raised to pre-Bush levels. I’m not sure that any presidential candidate in history has used this as a central theme of a campaign. Many candidates have indicated through double talk that they wouldn’t oppose tax increases, but never has there been a candidate that guaranteed by veto, a gigantic tax increase, as a direct result of his election that would take effect as he is sworn into office. The strongest approval rating that BHO has ever had since the first six months of his administration happened after he signed the Bush era tax cuts extension.

4) Former NY mayor Ed Koch, who backed Obama in the 2008 election, wrote that “If President Obama does not change his position [on Israel], I cannot vote for his reelection.” While Koch usually backs his party’s candidate, he also seems to have an uncanny ability to back a Republican—tacitly or explicitly—when the Democrats are going to lose. Are Jewish voters, except DWS, ready to turn their backs on BHO? Maybe. http://www.tabletmag.com/news-and-politics/68674/koch-test/