What about Virginia in 2012?

Those of us who view politics as almost an avocation and are always researching, reading, vetting candidates and looking at numbers, can’t really understand others, who pay little attention, show up at the last minute and vote on whims. Virginia really tells us something about the 2012 election. In 2004, 1.7 million people voted for GWB and in 2008 1.72 million people voted for McCain. However, 1.5 million voted for John Kerry, but a whopping 1.95 million voted for BHO. That is an increase of nearly 500K votes for the (D) candidate and the (R) vote stayed about the same. In 2010, about 1.2 million people cast votes for the (R) candidates in the 11 house districts, about 27% less than in the Presidential year which would be expected. However, the (D) vote went from 1.8 million to 931K in just two years. It’s as though a spaceship landed in 2008 with 500K votes for Obama, took off and never returned.

Now, let’s look at what Barry has done for those people in who came out to vote for him. More unemployment amongst the African-American and Hispanic groups, lots more home foreclosures, and lack of jobs for the college graduates except for the increase in federal government hiring which is probably fleeting due to deficit reduction and 3 wars instead of 2. What are the chances that just 200K of those 500K people from 2008, in 2012, miss the spaceship ride? If they stay home, BHO loses VA. I hope Nancy Pelosi is right when she says, “Elections shouldn’t matter so much.” For the (D) vote in VA, it would be excellent for the GOP if she is correct.