Who is Sherrod Brown?

Sherrod Brown: who is this guy? He has spent his entire adult life in Ohio government. He lists his profession as teacher; however he has never been employed as a teacher. After graduating from Yale, he ran for office in Ohio and has been an elected representative of something since 1975.

As far as National Office is concerned he has never been seriously threatened except in 1994, during the push for the Contract with America when he won the 13th district house seat by only 3%. After that he has been a landslide winner in every election including in 2006, when he ran against for US Senate incumbent (R) Mike DeWine and won with a 12% margin. This guy has been in government for 36 years, devoid of any experience in the private sector receiving taxpayer funded bi-weekly paychecks, 864 times over that 36 years.

He would admit that he is a socialist, if not an Alinsky Marxist (no centrist, this guy) because most of his views are comparable to Bernie Sanders (admitted socialist) of VT and he works with and quotes Bernie on most issues. The American Conservative Union gives him a rating of zero and Bernie a rating of 4, out of a total of 100. The Americans for Democratic Action rate him a Hero. The National Journal rates him more liberal than Patrick Leavy, Carl Levin and Harry Reid at 83.3 %. Al Franken and Chuck Schumer are rated as more conservative. Sherrod Brown is in a tie with Bernie and Shelton Whitehouse from RI as the most off to the left of all Senate members. Brown is a regular contributor to MSNBC and seems to me to be left of all the talking heads on that station. I saw Chris Matthews berate him for being so far out to the left during the lame duck session. Brown seems to be really out of place in a trending right of center State that is looking more and more like Idaho or Utah with only 5 (D) house seats out of 18 and an (R) gov and (R) legislature.

Running for re-election in 2012, Charlie Cook rates him now as a leaning (D) re-election choice; what is up with this? My question here is, Why do people in Ohio like this guy so much? Maybe it is because of his voice. He sounds a lot like Bender on Futurama. He has a gruff, gravelly voice even more so that Merle Haggard. He isn’t easy to listen to, but his voice is memorable. He isn’t especially good looking, but he has curly hair probably real. Being in Ohio politics for 36 years, maybe he just has amassed a tremendous negative portfolio on every other contender in the state, kind of like the Ohio J. Edgar Hoover. Everyone must be deathly afraid of the guy. Names mentioned to challenge Brown are Ken Blackwell and Josh Mandel.