What the heck IS the Ivy League?

For those of you who are fortunate enough to have not attended an Ivy League school, let me explain something about Ivy League schools. I am a graduate (B.S) of an Ivy League school (1976). The Ivy League is pretty much what it says.

It is an athletic conference within the framework of the NCAA. The NCAA came after the Ivy League. Most of the NCAA rules are derivatives of the Ivy League rules from the 30’s to the 50’s. There are 8, let me repeat that, eight schools that comprise the Ivy League. They are Cornell, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Penn, Yale, Harvard and Columbia (NY).

This has nothing whatsoever to do with how smart a person is, or whether they got great board scores or whether they got elected President of the United States. What the Ivy League means is that you played on an athletic team which competed against other schools in the same athletic league. That’s it. Somebody from Stanford, Lehigh, Northwestern, Boston College or Holy Cross or Fordham are not Ivy League because those schools are not IN the Ivy League. Even though these are fabulous schools they are not in the Ivy League.

Barry supposedly went to two Ivy League schools, but nobody will go on TV who knows him from Columbia and he won’t release any of his transcripts from The light blue school on 128th street and none of his acquaintances or school mates from Harvard will come on Oprah to talk about the guy. That’s troubling. That is very troubling.

This was troubling in 2007-08 but nobody seemed to care. Except me.