Obama still wants more green jobs, here are some ideas

Windmill turner

Employ people to turn the energy windmills when the wind is not blowing. This job has some historicity about it. When sailing vessels in the 16th and 17th centuries, hit the doldrums, the captain would break out the life boats with his crew and row the ship into more wind. This would also help ladder manufacturing as the windmill turning crew would need ladders to reach the blades of the windmills.

Federal bicycle watchers

One of the main problems with owning and riding a bicycle is the fear that the bicycle with be stolen, especially in cities like New York, Chicago and Washington D.C. In recent surveys, 82% of bicycle owners stated that they were victims of bicycle theft at least once in their life. Like the TSA at the airport, we can expand this workforce to include bicycle security at various federal government bicycle parking zones.

Fast Food Information Flyer Deliverers

At the fast food drive through line, FFIFD’s would hand out information on the dangers of fast food. These people would also be responsible for recording license plates of drivers who have “bad green Obama attitudes” and drive gas guzzling vehicles.  These green jobs would help solve many areas of concern. More jobs with health care, help with obesity, lower carbon usage, and give people the true information on the dangers of animal food and dairy products. These people would be selected for these jobs based upon their obnoxiousness, so that people would quit going to fast food stores

Federal Fishermen

People like to fish, so these jobs could go to people who are out of work due to any type of unemployment. The thought is that a lot of these people would be fishing anyway, if they were out of work, so why not put them to work in Obamagreen jobs. With the fish that they catch, these fish could be given to companies like McDonald’s to produce more fish sandwiches (not fried), which are higher in Omega 3 fatty acids and are healthier than beef sandwiches which contribute greatly to methane gas which destroys the ozone layer. These fishermen would have to use sailboats or row boats or kayaks (preferred) and would use bicycles to get to work. Fish that they catch would have to be transported immediately because coolers on boats would be forbidden due to the temptation to fill the coolers with alcoholic beverages.

Feel free to add any ideas for more green jobs.