The left's current strategy on reelection of Barry

When I look at the electoral map since the 2010 election, I see a whole lot of red. VA went almost entirely red with a few little pockets of blue, WI and OH look like they’ve turned red and even when looking at Charlie Cook’s map PA is completely red with a little blue around the big population areas. I can’t even see any blue in FL except the Voting Rights Act gerrymandered districts in Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa. NY and MI have even put a whole lot of red on their maps.

These are states Barry has to win in order to be reelected. He may not have to win FL, but he has to win PA and OH and WI. At this point, with unemployment hovering at 10%, a budget deficit of 1.6 trillion, a 47% approval rating, redistricting and (R) governors in most of these battleground states, Barry is looking at an uphill climb. So, why is the MSM constantly using the “nobody can beat Barry in 2012” mantra so much? I think that this is the orchestrated MSM talking point conspiracy at this point. This is a three pronged message that is being repeated over and over. "All the GOP candidates are boring, there is no GOP candidate attractive enough to campaign against Barry and Barry is too strong an incumbent to be beaten in 2012."

This viewpoint is never explained or analyzed as to where are the electoral votes going to come from. Just keep saying it and people will accept this as fact, if we repeat it often enough. So, this seems to be the strategy in the short term for the liberals in the MSM, DC and the White House. Keep saying that no one can beat him, that all the GOP candidates are boring; CPA type candidates, and incumbency and a billion dollars will keep Barry in the WH for another 4 years. Policy, broken promises, a non-existent end the war strategy, and overall results withstanding, Barry is too much of a rock star like Charlie Sheen, to be affected by his actions over his words. (Does Charlie Sheen have any group of words that make any sense?) Actions, record and results don’t mean much, what is important is what the candidate believes and what he says.

I think that this is why many candidates on the GOP side haven’t really started campaigning in a big way or even announced that they are candidates. Because this election in 2012 isn’t really about the GOP candidate as much as it is, elect anybody other than Barry. Because if Barry wins another 4 years, it will be very difficult to save our Constitutional Republic, intact for the future. We have already seen what has happened in WI concerning the laws of a constitutional republic, as the left is rejecting the rule of one man one vote and that the Constitution means something/nothing. This will continue to get worse if Barry isn’t stopped.