Once and for all, this is what Right to work means:

Right to work does not mean that the employer can fire you at will. That is what at will employment means. At will employment which ALL states in the US have except maybe Montana means that most employer/employee relationships, the employee can leave employment “at will” and also the employer can end the employment relationship “at will” (they don’t need a reason). The only thing that changes the “at will” relationship is a CBA or civil service employment laws. Most, if not all, employees in the private sector not covered by a collective bargaining agreement work “at will.”

Some of us have had jobs where the boss disabled our access cards and we couldn’t get in the building. This is how we found out that we were laid off or fired. Can they do that? Of course, they can treat you any way they like, if you don’t have a CBA or you work for some gov’t agency.

Right to work means that if a union organizes your work unit, you have the right to join the union or you can choose not to join the union. It has nothing to do with “at will” employment.

Right to Work States are different than the closed shop States which require you to belong to the union as a condition of employment.

I blew up today listening to a couple of talking heads on the Marxist, Socialist, News, Broadcasting Corp. MSNBC trying to make people believe that Right to work meant that if the laws were changed in the closed shop states, employers could fire people at will. They can do that to most of us anyway except the privileged class of public service union members. Why do you think that kids can’t even read by 8th grade?