Who is Arthur Bremer?

He shot George Wallace. George Wallace wasn’t from the right wing. I think that most of your left wing talking heads today would characterize George Wallace as extreme right wing because of his racist, segregationist views and his membership in the Klan. He was a Democrat. So, was Grand Wizard Robert Byrd.

A guy named Arthur Bremer, 22, shot George Wallace and paralyzed him from the waist down. What is this about 22 year olds. Arthur Bremer dropped out after one semester of college where he was recalled as “strange, aloof and argumentative”. Sound familiar? On May 22, 1971, his one known friend, Thomas Neuman, committed suicide after playing Russian Roulette. On October 16, 1971, Bremer moved out of his parents’ house. On November 18, 1971, Bremer landed his first arrest for carrying a concealed weapon and for parking in a no-parking zone.

In January 13, 1972, Bremer went into the Casanova Gun Shop at 1601 West Greenfield Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and for $90 bought a snub-nosed .38-caliber revolver. After listening to Rush Limbaugh and other talk radio hosts, non-stop for 102 hours, no not really, Rush was a disk jock in 1972, at the age of 22 and Sarah Palin was 8 years old and talk radio didn’t exist, he went to assassinate George Wallace.

Joan Pemrich, a high school girl friend of Bremer’s, ended their relationship during the first days of 1972, because Bremer acted “goofy” and “weird”. Bremer could not overcome this rejection, which resulted in his constantly calling her, stalking her, and on January 14, 1972, shaving his head, saying to her that “you make me feel as empty as my head”. Joan’s mother then threatened to call the police if Bremer continued to pester her. Joan Pemrich expressed surprise at Bremer’s actions, because she said he never mentioned or talked about Wallace or politics during their time together.

Bremer turned up in Wheaton, Maryland, for a noon appearance which Wallace made at a shopping-center rally on May 15, 1972. He was dressed in dark glasses; patriotic red, white, and blue; and was wearing his new campaign button which said “WALLACE in ’72”. He strongly applauded Wallace, in contrast with many others present, who heckled and taunted the speaker. Bremer pushed his way forward, stuck his .38 revolver in Wallace’s abdomen and opened fire, emptying the weapon before he could be subdued. He hit Wallace four times. Wallace lost a pint of blood and was in a mild state of shock. One bullet lodged in his spinal cord; the other bullets hit Wallace in the abdomen and chest. Three other people present were wounded unintentionally.

These political assassination attempts are not all that different. Oswald, Squeaky Fromme, John Hinckely, Jr, Jared Loughner, and Arthur Bremer and Travis Bickle. These people are so alike, it’s scary.

Bremer was released from prison on Friday, November 9, 2007, at the age of 57, having served 35 years of his original sentence