Before It's too Late

How can we learn? How can we advise? How can we tell others how to proceed or what to do, if we aren’t starting from proper foundations?

First, I believe that all progress begins and stems from hard work and savings.

Debt kills. Debt will end our freedom. Debt will kill this great Republic. Debt will put you in debtor’s prison even if debtor’s prison is illegal. This Republic will die with our Debt.

We have to stop the Debt and pay off the Debt. There is no other choice and we have to have this as our primary issue and focus. Stop the Debt and pay off the Debt. Jobs, prosperity, freedom, everything is secondary to this issue. If we pay off the Debt, everything falls into focus. Balancing the budget is a start, but we have to go farther.

We have to pay off this gargantuan debt that we owe to the rest of the world. Pay it off now. To take a phrase from the greatest invisible Marxist that ever lived, Barack Obama, Yes We Can.