Shame on you Redstate

I have followed this blog since late 2007 and originally thought this was a great blog. Unfortunately, I have seen how the McCainiac’s assured us that John is The One. Sorry folks, after watching this campaign and then reading the front page of this blog, I’m going to sleep. As of this time, there are 15 posts on the main page of Redstate. All but 1.5 of the 15 posts are about Barack Obama, zero mentioning Palin). I remember everyone telling me that John McCain is the only one who can beat the Democrats. Unfortunately, it would appear that you all were/are wrong. Is this the best that Redstate can produce, 13.5 posts negative against Obama? Don’t you have anything POSITIVE to say about McCain? I thought not. Don’t you think the normal independent wants to hear something positive about McCain? Guess not, and I guess Juan McCain does not want to win this election. I have already gone out and bought a brown shirt, I suggest the rest of you do the same. I have now become a communist thanks to John McCain. Thanks.