Michael Gaster - True Conservative

The Second Senate District of Georgia is a tough seat to for a Republican to win given the demographics of the area. This much is true, if you’re a typical “big government” Republican like Scott Brown. On both social issues and economic issues, Michael Gaster promotes free-market solutions to the problems that face our state and our nation. Gaster’s liberty centered approach to issues will ensure that the government keeps their hands off of the personal freedoms that we have grown to know and love. In a time where we see so many “Don’t Tread On Me” flags flying across this nation, I believe it important to know what that really means before stroking checks and casting our ballots in the upcoming July 20th Primary and November 2nd General Election. Some Republicans will tread on you just as much their Democrat counterparts; Gaster is not one of them.

Gaster has been named on of 2009’s People of Impact, with the title: Bureaucracy Buster in the Savannah Morning News, and was responsible for gettingGeorgia Highway signs to issue alerts regarding missing University Student Bryce Tarter. Gaster is already off to great start being an advocate for the people of Georgia without even being an elected official. In the past several years it seems that he has already accomplished more than his opponent, Lester Jackson and his lobbyist friend Dave Simons who worked and voted to keep people of the Southbridge community from voting on and determining for themselves, whether or not they would be annexed into the tax-free Garden City.

Jackson, and lobbyist Simons, hoped that Jackson and his friend, Mayor Otis Johnson, might be able to rake in some additional property tax from this community by having them annexed into the City of Savannah. In a district where smoke filled back room deals seem to be the norm, it’s time that we send a clear message of “Don’t Tread On Me” to the powers that be. Gaster told me in recent discussions that “Savannah is a part of the Second Senate District, but so are parts of Pooler, Garden City, and Port Wentworth, who all deserve an equal voice and a seat at the table.” It’s time to stop playing politics with people’s lives.  Consider contributing to Gaster’s campaign here: Friends of Gaster and voting for him in the upcoming July 20th Primary and November 2nd General Election.