Anti-Federalist No. 3 - On Race

I am going to dare to venture deep into a topic that few white males dare to dive into… race. I am sure that I will be blasted by many on the left for my remarks as this blog gets more exposure, however due to the recent news controversy regarding Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, I feel that I owe it to our readers to delve into this subject matter.

The History of Race and Federalists

On the issue of Federalism, there are two lines of thinking when it comes to racial equality and the role of the government. There are Federalist who believe that a strong Federal government is essential in protecting the rights of minorities. They evidence Supreme Court cases such as Brown vs. BOE and Roe v. Wade in their arguments. These Federalists bask in the light and the glory of the role Affirmative Action played in promoting the interests of minorities in the work place. Generally Anti-Federalists are painted as the sexist/racist villains because they question the wisdom of such a strong central government. The masses jump on this bandwagon, never stopping to questions things.

I believe there to be well intentioned Federalists and maniacal Federalists. I believe that most of the masses are well intentioned Federalists who believe that a strong Federal government will protect them and their rights. The maniacal Federalists on the other hand use the well intentioned masses to demonize Anti-Federalists and garner more power for themselves. I must state the obvious here, that but for cases like Plessy v. Ferguson, Dred Scott v. Sandford, and Koremotsu v. United States where liberty and justice are NOT for all, there would have been no need for cases like Roe v. Wade and Brown v. BOE. Federalists marvel at the Federal government’s ability to “give” rights to the people; the problem is that these Federalists overlook the fact that it was the same strong central government which took those rights away in the first place. The flaw with Federalism is that the government givith, and the government taketh away. This runs contrary to the principals of inalienable rights which state that our rights are granted to us by GOD… NOT some temporary institution called government.

Federalists: The modern day racists?

You may be asking yourself: “How does this relate to race and Harry Reid?”. I must refer you to two quotes:

President Barack Obama: “Just because you have a right does not mean that the state or local government cannot constrain that right”.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “A right delayed is a right denied”

You see here that one man believes that rights are inalienable, the other man believes otherwise. The Supreme Court, as explained above, believes that IT has the final word on your rights, the same as the man on the left pictured above. I will not go so far as to say that Dr. King was a Conservative, a Republican, or an Anti-Federalist, but he certainly understood the incredible power that a strong Federal government could wield over an entire race of people. Dr. King certainly understood what inalienable rights were. Neither will I go so far as to say that President Obama is a racist, only that the policies he supports lend themselves to restricting liberty and fairness.

At the core of our inalienable rights is the principal of fairness. However, there is a double-standard in this nation. If a Republican or Conservative says something idiotic regarding race he is immediately labeled a racist in the court of public opinion. This man or woman is not judged by the content of his or her character as Dr. King would call for, but instead is run out of town on rails. If the same happens with a Democrat, all that is needed is an apology and things are made okay.

I submit to you that President Obama is weak. Here an incredibly accomplished, intelligent, revered leader was demeaned to what Senator Reid would call a “negro”, and instead of showing this nation his strength, and that that racism will not be tolerated, regardless of political party, he instead opted to cow tail for the sake of beltway party politics. This is the same kind of crap that Republican Federalists do.

Then there is the logic of President Obama, the same man who said that a Cambridge Police Officer “acted stupidly” without knowing the facts of the case, dismisses Senator Reid’s comments without equivocation. This isn’t “Change You Can Believe In”, this is more of the same insider party politics.  I believe that Trent Lott was RIGHTFULLY run out of D.C. for his remarks, and so too should Senator Reid. OUR public servants should be held to a higher standard. Yeah, and Kanye West is the “jackass”? Kanye’s got nothing on Reid. Please, share your thoughts.

This concludes Anti-Federalist No. 3