Anti-Federalist No. 1 - A Nation Divided

The Divided States of America:

I will not start this blog off with a bunch of rhetoric about what this nation was founded upon. Instead I want to impress upon my readers what this nation does not stand for as of THIS date. Because we can go tit for tat about all of the bad things the U.S. government has done, and while it may be true that those things have shaped us as a people, but I argue that it has shaped us into a better people who do not wish to repeat the mistakes of the past. This is where we must go:

On Abortion:

I personally am the exact opposite of John Kerry on this issue. Religiously, I am pro-choice because I believe that every person on earth is endowed by their creator with free will. However, legally I believe that it is the responsibility of the government to protect those least capable of protecting themselves.

No serious thinker is PRO abortion or ANTI choice. We must stop demonizing those who do not agree with our ideology on this issue. Let it suffice to say that abortion will never be outlawed, but neither should it ever be allowed to be “abortion on demand”. There is no such thing as an absolute right to do anything. Even rights which are explicitly stated in our Constitution have been limited by the Federal Government (the right to bear arms for example). Why then would a right that is implied, and not explicitly stated in the Constitution not have limitations? The fact remains that no “right to privacy” is explicitly stated in the U.S. Constitution, and even if it were explicitly stated, every right that is explicitly stated has been limited by our Federal Government; why would “privacy” be any different? Instead of running on a platform to outlaw abortion or to make it free and available “on demand”, we should strive to bring common sense limitations on the practice and end the divisive rhetoric on this topic once and for all. It’s time to stop the politicians from dividing us on this issue. If we discuss things long enough, I believe we will find that we agree on more than we disagree on. Keep in mind that with every right comes responsibility.

On Race and Poverty:

I’m not going to say that people should vote party line. I despise political parties, and if it were up to me I would do away with them completely and force people to be educated on the issues before they cast a vote. Ignorance causes poverty and it is this ignorance that war must be declared on. That being said, the American people MUST stop voting party lines based on race or financial disparity.

I find it ironic that all of the cities with the top 10 poverty rates in America have been run by Democrats 92% of the time since 1965. This isn’t saying that the new Republicans who act like little Democrats are any better, but we must see this for what it is. This is ironic because it is usually the poor who vote Democrat, and statistically, it is the Democrat that keeps the poor people poor.

I refuse to back one party over another, but I MUST point out that on this issue, history has been forgotten and misrepresented in order to foster political gains. Keep in mind that it was the Republican Party (GOP) that was founded on the premise of eliminating slavery. During the Civil Rights movement, it was the Democratic Party (DNC), and not the GOP which was responsible for racial oppression, especially in the south. I will not even go into how many Democrat leaders were members of the KKK. Yet somehow, we have allowed the DNC to paint the GOP as the party of racists because of a few people that have been allowed within the ranks of the GOP. Never mind that the DNC has statistically had more racists among their ranks than the GOP has had.  Again, I must stress that the house isn’t clean for Republicans either, but I believe it necessary to point out a lie when I see one.

On Homosexual Marriage

We must define this issue in legal terms rather than emotional terms. Those on the left have argued for years that there exists a “wall of separations between church and state”. Now, never mind that neither these words, nor this language exist anywhere in the Constitution; I recommend however that we allow those on the left to win this argument for the sake of discussion. If there exist a separation between church and state, why would the state recognize ANY marriage, straight or homosexual? If this separation exists, shouldn’t the state ONLY recognize civil unions and leave the business of “marriage” to the church?

The Constitution does give every one of us the right to contract, and civil unions are protected by that right to contract. This solution allows the government to step aside and let the church leaders fight this battle. This would allow us to get down to real issues rather than allowing career politicians to divide us and guarantee themselves life long careers in Congress.

On Economics:

While “trickle down” economics is a viable principal, there exists a certain way in which to maximize returns to the public with regard to the way that capital trickles down. With Barack Obama bailing out every corporation from GM to Bank of America, and now perhaps even the New York Times, we must be aware that it is now the Democrats who have turned over a “Pro-Big Business” leaf. Instead of being Pro-Big Business, should we not focus on being “Pro-Free Market”?

Americans believe in FAIR competition and STRONG economic growth. If liberal economic policies work so well, then why is California on the brink of bankruptcy while Texas has experienced below average unemployment and wasn’t hit as hard as the rest of the U.S. economy. The American people must ask themselves: “Economically, would I rather live in California or Texas?”.


Our leaders have divided us on economic lines, religious lines, racial lines, and along the lines of sexual preference for one reason and one reason only, power. The party leaders divide up the states and draw lines in the sand to dictate political districts. How do you think they come up with those lines? You guessed it, the lines are based on economics, religion, race, and sexual preference, although the party leaders will never admit this. We MUST stop buying into their rhetoric. It is time for We the People to lead on these issues and let our Representatives know that we will no longer stand for these distractions.

This concludes Anti-Federalist No. 1