I know it's Sunday....

Is it me or does it seem awfully quiet out there? I mean I tune into Hannity’s America after seeing posted somewhere that he was going to have additional information exposed about Obama, radical associations, etc… So what does he have? Steele, Beckel and Gerry…..Yawn. Then a re-airing of the McCain/Palin interview from earlier in the week. Yawn. And then no mention at all of the supposed Corsi interview on Monday about Corsi’s Kenyan information linking Obama to Odinga, etc..

What is going on?!?! Did this Corsi info not pan out? I haven’t seen it debunked anywhere. And what of the supposed new information Hannity was going to air? I’m being to believe that there really isn’t anything new on Obama that’s going to come out before 11/4 and that the $160M the RNC is going to spend is just going to re-hash that same crap already out there. If so, I suspect we’re going to end up with a Marxist president. Pelosi is already banking on it by planning to bring Congress back after the election to ram through a bunch of new spending.

With the ‘Skins losing today it’s not shaping up to be a banner week. (Or next four years.)