A Tale of Two "Hit and Runs"

There have been a lot of assumptions made about the Road Rage incident in Nashville TN, beginning with the headline of the linked article:

Road rage, accident centers on Obama bumper sticker

The headline comes largely from an assumption the victim made; that it had something to do with his Obama/Biden sticker rather than a simple case (although terrifying) of road rage due to the suspect’s inebriated state and some underlying circumstances that no one seems to have bothered to check on before coming to their conclusions. For instance, Mr. Weisiger lost his wife last month on February 26. The main assumption in this case is that the hit and run was politically motivated yet background facts don’t support that assumption considering that Mr. Weisiger’s last activism recorded has been a campaign donation to a Republican in 1980.

In Harry’s own words about the incident, the bumper sticker wasn’t mentioned at all.

“He slammed on his brakes, and I hit him in the bumper when I tried to go around him.”

I’ve got something to say about a man who is more concerned over an Obama/Biden bumper sticker than concerned about any injuries his daughter might have sustained but we’ll leave that personal opinion out of this.

Whether the incident was politically motivated, we cannot say. For the moment all we can say is that may have been. But there are some who have already declared themselves judge and jury and Mr. Weisiger is guilty of a political hit and run.

What’s more is they also blaming Sarah Palin.

The second hit and run centers around aformer middle school track coach.

Robert Mucha, 79, of Oxford, was injured in the crash that trapped him in his car for 45 minutes. He was flown to University Hospital in Cincinnati, where he was listed in stable condition Wednesday morning.

Mucha was driving his 2009 Toyota east on Ohio 73 near Retreat Lane when he was struck by a westbound 1996 Dodge pickup driven by Laurie Picadio of Trenton, who swerved to avoid a pickup that “continued on and never stopped,” according to Oxford Twp. police Chief Michael Goins.

The police’s lead to find the black 1990’s Ford Ranger which caused the accident and left the scene: Obama bumper stickers on the back window. How many such vehicles can be found in Oxford, OH anyway?

Shall we jump to conclusions about the second hit and run accident as the left did about the first? There is no conclusive evidence that points to it being politically motivated by either or both the bumper stickers or the fact that Mucha was driving a Toyota, a company which has come under heavy fire from the government.

Would the left react to such assumptions as did some on the right? Or will they howl about being painted with the same brush they used to color Mr. Weisiger?

This is one time when one wouldn’t want to emulate the leftist tactics and wind up with egg on one’s face. Maybe neither, one, or both were politically motivated. Given that facts are stubborn things, one would believe it’s best to leave the conclusions up to real judges and juries, rather than go off on a rant and make everything in one’s life a political battle of one sort or another.

Not everything in life is a political battle. Hits and runs are bad enough news on their own. Let’s leave the politics on the political stage, shall we?

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