Psst! Congressman Cooper.

I have some questions for you. Now, I know I didn’t vote for you but you are still my congressman in spite of that. You don’t get to ignore those who disagree with you when you take that oath to become a public servant.

What’s wrong with this picture?


Let me work on some of this for you, okay? I know by your august standards I’m an “ig-nernt” hillbilly but, well, sir, I can read a map and this one looks quite a bit lopsided. I mean in ways other than being scrunched in this blog post, that is.

See that area where all those pretty symbols are? You claim this is where Tennessee’s Recovery Dollars are being spent. So let’s get down to business, shall we? If one does a “stroll” through they could mistake it for the health care deform you just committed upon the American people, but I digress.

Almost all those symbols seemed to be placed in a very small geographical area known as Vanderbilt University. Can I assume that you have told everyone in your district that you are an adjunct professor at said university? Of course you have. You just didn’t expect anyone to understand what they’re seeing, right?

So, I’d like to know, sir, how many jobs did these items create from their share of the recovery money?

    1) $5,239,099 to Vanderbilt University for which the funds will be used to support the Beta Cell Biology Consortium, which develops cell-based therapies for insulin delivery.2) $5,184,612 to Vanderbilt University for which the funds will be used to combine a DNA repository with electronic medical systems, in order to provide analysis of disease susceptibility and therapeutic outcomes across patient populations. These funds will be go towards the VESPA: Vanderbilt Electronic Systems for Pharmacogenomic Assessment project.

    3) $4,721,145 to Vanderbilt University for which the funds will be used to enhance the Southern Community Cohort Study, which investigates cancer disparities.

    4) $3,948,000 to Vanderbilt University for which the funds will be used to acquire a 900 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer. The spectrometer will study the structures and interactions of biomacromolecules.

    5) $3,000,000 to Vanderbilt University for which the funds will be used to supplement the Fogarty International Clinical Research Scholars and Fellows Support Center.

There are more of them. 175 in all for Vanderbilt University totaling $74,230,739. I’d just like to know where the jobs are in those earmarks? Tennessee’s unemployment rate is a tad higher than the national rate. And people have given up looking for work in construction because the unemployment rate in that field is even worse.

So, can you explain to me why there are all those earmarks for medical research in a jobs bill? That’s what the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was touted as a jobs bill. While some might consider them laudable causes, they hardly belong in a jobs bill.

Bill Frist, at one time, was crucified for having shares in his family owned HCA when he was divesting himself of his holdings for a possible presidential run. We wouldn’t want a congressional leader to have the appearance of a conflict of interest, would we?

So, Congressman Cooper. What about Vanderbilt University? Frist was later exonerated. You probably won’t be hauled into a court of law but your constituents would like to know why a small but rather affluent area around Vanderbilt University has gotten the lion’s share of Tennessee’s Recovery Act money.

Look at that map again, Congressman. You see that blank area near the bottom southeast just under the cute little airplane? That’s where I live. There is nothing, not one dime, spent there. Want to know something about that area? It’s the area to which most of the illegal aliens have gravitated. You really care about them, don’t you? How about east Nashville? North? That’s where most of the minorities are concentrated. I live among them, mostly peacefully except for the illegal immigrant gang shootings, etc. There’s nothing there, either.

I won’t hold my breath for your explanation but I’d really love to know: Do you represent all of TN-05 or just that little patch around Vanderbilt University?

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