The Curtain Hangs in Tatters.

In the past few months, we here on RedState and other diverse locations on the internet have made references to pulling back the curtain as a reference to the magician in the mythical land of Oz. The curtain hangs in tatters, not just pulled back and those working behind it would like nothing more than to have us turn our backs so they can mend all the gaping tears.

If Neil’s fight with net neutrality fails, they will do so.

Obama once said there is a coarsening of national debate.

While the discourse on the internet can be quite coarse and there is little civility between opposition groups, at least there is discourse. With political correctness and victimology reigning supreme, before the internet there was silence when it came to things that mattered most to us because of fear of offending and being sued. With the false sense of anonymity, communication has opened up quite a bit; rarely pleasant communication but it’s better than none. None allows for a passive acceptance of ever heavier yokes placed upon us by the government which often cites some mandate or other for their policy positions.

We conservatives may not have been among the first to discover the enormous power in utilizing the internet but I believe we are taking it further than the leftists thought possible and they are becoming the ones “behind the times” as a result. Where the opposition pushes ever more power towards those who already hold it, we conservatives work to pull power back to the people using the very tools the leftists thought we were incapable of using.

This is one of the reasons why the feds want to ram through net neutrality (see links above). Oh, they try to put a pretty face on it by saying it’s all about opening it up to even the poorest of the poor, but it’s all about control and if we’re controlled we’re once again isolated and everything will be filtered to fit their agenda.

You know the old saying: Once on the internet, it’s forever? Everything the feds do in this area will be about shutting down all but what they want open. If it happens, embarrassments such as this one committed by David Plouffe will disappear quickly rather than disseminated:

U.S. Democratic Party campaign strategy manager David Plouffe says now is not the time for “bed-wetting” after the party lost a Massachusetts Senate election.

Let us work that they don’t succeed and are unable to sew up the gaping holes in the curtains the leftists drew over the process by which they will continue to advance their progressive (regressive and repressive) agenda.

“Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.” Thomas Jefferson

The leftists are in panic mode. Let’s keep them that way.