Nothing Wrong With Being a Cowboy.

Remember the day it became an epithet and Geoge W. Bush was labeled such with his “cowboy” diplomacy? Now, I’m a hillbilly, not a cowgirl, but recently I during a conversation with a friend she suddenly asked me who was my favorite famous cowboy. She chuckled at my answer. When I asked her why, she said that a person’s favorite cowboy tells a lot about a person.

She then explained that every cowboy has a code he follows and that code is what it says about the cowboy and the person who chose him. I laughed at her but there is some psychological research (psych-marketing research) to back her up.

So, I asked her what my choice meant about me. She wouldn’t tell me but told me to Google it. I did and here’s what I found:

1. A cowboy does not judge color of skin, but by character within.
2. A cowboy always respects a lady and tips his hat to all that pass him by
3. A cowboy stands strong for what the American frontier is all about: Freedom, Truth, Justice and the American way.
4. A cowboy will not be wronged, nor wrongs another. The justice he deems out depends on that.
5. A cowboy is loyal, and hard working and maintains a high ethic.
6. A cowboy loves his country, and will fight for it’s principles and sovereignty.
7. A cowboy respects his animals and the earth they roam upon.
8. A cowboy is faithful to what is entrusted to him.
9. A cowboy is bound by duty, honor, and gratitude for what God has given him, which includes his friends and family.
10. A cowboy maintains a hidden code in his heart, for all to see.

Now, I don’t know if I come close to living up to that code but I’m sure going to give it a try. I believe our veterans embody this code in our modern day versions of the cowboy. Cowboys aren’t gone. They just changed riding clothes for uniforms and tanks, tracks, ships, submarines, planes, and humvees for horses. They embody the best of America just as the cowboy represented the best of the old West. They live that code every day of their lives from the first moment they take the armed services oath and don that uniform.

God bless our veterans, our modern day cowboys.

My favorite cowboy? John Wayne.