Lip Service... or Why Jim Cooper (TN 05) Must Go

Supposedly, Cooper is taking calls and setting up meetings but he’s not noting how many for or against the health care bill that is being so actively debated. In the linked article, he says he’s voting against the bill when Congress reconvenes.

“I take constituents’ calls and messages as seriously as a heart attack,” Cooper said. “I declared weeks ago that I was voting against 3200, but hearing from constituents confirmed my doubts about the bill.”

That’s news to me; that he is voting against it. Considering I’ve made it my most important goal for 2010 to see that Cooper is voted out of office, I’ve followed him closely. He lies. Not only does he lie, he thinks we’re too stupid to remember that he lies.  After Labor Day, we’ll be out of sight, out of mind:

The rhetoric in the debate over health care reform has become more heated, as lawmakers have faced or prepare to face their constituents.But when the U.S. Congress resumes work after Labor Day, many believe that the feisty, contentious town hall meetings will quickly fade into the background, as debate shifts from pointed partisanship to compromise.

To corroborate the above paragraph, Cooper in his own words has this to say:

Congress has botched the marketing of these four bills,” said Rep. Jim Cooper. “That’s what the talk show hosts are able to focus on and ridicule. But the House bills really don’t matter, and what will really matter doesn’t exist yet.”

In politics, lying isn’t lying if the bill that doesn’t exist yet has a new number but is essentially a carbon copy of the one he’ll “vote against.”  And, of course, there’s the obligatory attack on talk show hosts. This is what the liberal shills think of us:

Some followers of the debate over health care say that, for all the drama of this month’s town hall meetings, they may eventually turn out to be sideshows.

We’re sideshows.  We don’t know what’s right for us. Only this all important body sitting in Washington, D.C. can make decisions that affect you, the individual. The mixed messages are deliberate. We’re supposed to be mollified while they trek back to their citadel and pull more power to them while we trust that, because of their words, they’re going to do the right thing.

In addition, we’ve accepted the premise that health care is so broken, only a complete overhaul of the entire system and government takeover will fix it. If health care is so broken how come this country has one of the highest life expectancy rates?

When are we going to learn to question the premise first?

If this legislation passes and doesn’t mean the total destruction of the Constitution without further legislative encroachments, Jim Cooper (and others like him) must go.  I suggest all of you who are fighting with Democratic Congressmen follow them and their words very carefully. They lie and rationalize their lying as truth so easily it can make one breathless. There’s no such creature as a Blue Dog. It’s a myth conjured to win elections by convincing the gullible who still believe in fairy tales.