Under the Anybody But Jim Cooper Files

District 6 Tennesseans don’t get to ask anything of the “honorable” Jim Cooper. He canceled his appearance at West End Middle School out of fear.

After rumor spread that Rep. Jim Cooper would be holding a public town hall meeting — rather than delivering the opening remarks to parents and students as he was scheduled to do — Friday morning at West End Middle School in Nashville, the Congressman canceled his appearance, fearing protesters would disrupt the school.

Some hardy protestors will turn out anyway. That is a good thing but to highlight just what is thought of Jim Cooper in his own district:

Despite Cooper’s cancellation, Tom Kovach, state director of America’s Independent Party, said his group’s planned “Tea Party” protest would still go forward at the school. (emphasis mine)

Here’s what Kovach had to say in a press release sent this afternoon:

“Recently, there was a successful event in another part of Tennessee, where citizens lined up to pose questions to a *photograph* of their absent congressman,” Kovach explained.  “I’ve heard enough of Cooper’s commentaries to know that he doesn’t directly answer the question even when the person is standing right there, so we probably won’t bother with the expense of a photograph.”

Remember, this is how the left defines leadership: avoid the tough questions and speak as if you know what you’re talking about when you haven’t the faintest idea.  And, of course, stack the deck:

During the annual August recess, Congressman Cooper does not have even one “town hall” meeting on his schedule.  And, during a telephone conversation on Monday, the congressman’s district scheduler told Kovach that Cooper has no plans to conduct any such public meetings.  Cooper had been scheduled to speak before several area Rotary Club meetings, but he also cancelled those after news of the Friday independent Tea Party became public.  Cooper has said that he would meet — privately — with individual constituents.  His scheduler told Kovach that the individual meetings were “just more efficient” — a commment at which Kovach has scoffed.

In spite of the fact that I’ve quoted a good swath of the article, there’s more.

Halfway through the August recess and now we find there are no townhall meetings and it’s possible to set up “private meetings’?

To fellow Tennesseans: In 2010 when you stand before the voting machine, remember the absolutely stunning non-leadership qualities of Congressman Jim Cooper. We need leaders who are unafraid of their convictions, not wimps who hide at the first sign of a challenge to them.

The Tennessean Newspaper is about as useless as Cooper but, surprisingly, this article seems only a half-hearted attempt to defend him. I find it beyond sad that a townhall with only a “photograph” of the Congressman is as good as having the official there in person.  It speaks volumes for the majority of Congressional Unleaders considering we’re hearing the same types of stories across the country.