No health insurance here, but still a resounding NO to the health bill.

It would be so easy, so very easy, to buy into the “let the government handle it” meme but it only seems easy. I would have to live with myself in the mirror every day. It’s not a pretty sight already but it would be downright horrifying afterward. It’s not just freedom robbing, it’s a soul sucking disease.

Before I go further, let me explain why I’m presently without health insurance. My husband worked in the construction industry. When the economy goes south construction feels the effects first. Being of the older persuasion life became difficult in finding and maintaining a job long enough to get and keep affordable health insurance thorugh a company plan. I work from home and private insurance for individuals at our age is practically impossible. Not being spring chickens, private insurance bills would have eaten us alive; a case of the cure being worse than the disease.  You see all those ads on television about affordable insurance but the minute one of us says how old we are you see the premiums going up, up, up. We’re not in the greatest of health but neither are we of the poorest; simply getting older.

Yes, it would be so easy to sit back and let the government handle it all, even to what I’m entitled to as far as lifesaving measures at the end. Yes, it would be so easy to be that selfish, giving up my freedoms and those of my descendents for the short term gain of not having to worry about a hospital bill in the future or how I’m going to pay for a catastrophic health incident. Or would it?

For someone like me, the guilt would be mentally crippling and that mental anguish would eventually rob me of the health I enjoy at present. I would be sleepless at the legacy this generation is leaving for succeeding generations. We are robbing them of their rights under the Constitution, the greatest gift a government can give to the people it governs.

So many think the Constitution is outdated and needs to be rewritten for modern times. I’ve read the Constitution. It’s timeless. It doesn’t worry about technological advances, for or against. If anything it is the reason why this country has acheived what it has acheived because it simply stayed out of the way of what each individual’s accomplishments. It did concern itself with exactly the circumstances with which we are presently faced and took steps to forestall such usurpations.

I often wonder if the founding fathers ever thought that the people themselves would rather cede to the government than to engage in self governance and self determination. Who would have conceived at that time that this nation would one day have a majority who trade their freedom tomorrow for a little more comfort today?

I won’t mention the abortion funding, the illegal aliens, or any number of other Constitution killing clauses in that bill. No, I won’t mention that the government exempts itself from the same legislation that it would impose on the rest of us. No, I won’t mention that little clause about requiring your debit card number. Anyone who bases their arguments on those things is missing the real significance of the legislation. No one should be surprised at those clauses when one considers who is writing the legislation.

I may not have health insurance right now and worrying about those possible catastrophic incidences, especially considering the financial hits my husband and I have taken in the last year or two. However, freedom is priceless. Only those who have no concept of the value of freedom, the lives that have been lost to preserve it for everyone, can even consider selling it so easily.

In other words, this generation will sell future generations into slavery for a little comfort today. What tomorrow brings is not their concern.

I can’t do it. I pity those who can.

Note: Forgive me if this is rambling at times or contains typos. I rattled it off in a hurry. Apologies in advance for not taking the time to proofread.