The Forest For The Trees

Today is tax day. We here at RedState know what that means. It is no ordinary tax day of rushing to mail off returns before the magic hour or the usual grumbling about how much your tax bill ended up being, “why couldn’t I have that deduction, too?”, ,or “I don’t want to fund research on snails.”

Today, we embark on a journey. The tea parties are the first step. Sometime, in August, I believe, there is going to be a march on Washington. Then what?

Obama was elected because he promised change. During the campaining, he called himself a blank slate and hid his agenda. I don’t believe the change he is bringing is the change the country wanted. Otherwise we wouldn’t be having a protest today, which is much larger than anyone knows, including our conservative friends at the only media outlet that is giving it positive coverage. For every one who stands up in protest there will be at least two more who secretly agree with the rest of us. Then what?

Have you ever had a junk room, garage, or drawers that you simply can’t find the will to clean out because it’s a tedious, seemingly thankless job? Doesn’t our government rather resemble them?

There are any number of issues being discussed on this site from education to taxes to bailouts to media coverage. They’re the trees. Most of us here agree that they’re dying, dead, or rotting trees. In spite of all the dead and rotting trees there are a great many that are vibrant and full of life. We can’t see them because of  the dead ones crowding around them. In my mind, the next step would be to start clearing them out but that presents a problem. Some are quite attached to some of those dead and rotting trees and think if only we put more attention into them, they’ll suddenly come alive again.

We’ve been travelling this path through this forest for a long time. Most historians put it at either the time of Wilson or FDR but I believe we’ve been on it longer. Wilson and FDR mark only the big changes. Before them were many small changes that people accepted as temporary which then became permanent but decided they were something we could live with.

Where do we start thinning out the forest that is so overgrown with dead and rotting trees that it is threatening to kill the whole?