I have this site. Open thread, brainstorming.

It’s called Living Conservative. There’s nothing there at the moment except a content management system, Joomla!, and one article I brought over from HillbillyPolitics. Plus, I’ve done some tentative work on a template.

I bought this site with at least one goal in mind and that is to take it beyond the political; that is, there will be talk about politics but I’d like to keep it in the realm of what it means to every day life and how to cope… conservatively… through the bad times we’re almost sure to be experiencing in the very near future.

I haven’t blogged in at least a couple of weeks on Hillbilly Politics because I’ve been caught up in other things, although I did manage to make a couple of diary entries here. I’m at a point where I’d like to kick off this new site, which will be open to article submissions.

Considering all the wonderfully conservative folks here at RedState, I thought I’d ask for advice about what uses this site could have. So, here I am asking for that advice. Some of my own ideas is dollars and sense kind of things, recipes, history that still applies to current events, conservative principles and applying them to every day life…

So, any suggestions?