Reading The Fine Print

Or should I say the final print since the zingers usually come at the end of articles from the liberal biased media sources.

It has been noted in the media that President Obama intends a review of Bush’s signing statement to determine their Constitutionality. However, that’s only part of the story.

This IHT article is particularly enlightening. For the first and middle paragraphs it’s not much different than what has been reported from other sources. However, the last paragraph says much more.

In his directive, Obama said that any signing statement issued before his presidency should be viewed with doubt, placing an asterisk beside all of those issued by Bush and other former presidents.

Considering the talk of Obama killing Reagan? While I agree that it won’t happen in 45 days, it is worth noting that it can still happen, even if it takes the entire four years. In the Fox article linked above, the actions have been initiated:

In a memo to senior government officials, Obama said they must check with Attorney General Eric Holder before relying on any of Bush’s so-called “signing statements” for guidance. Bush often issued a statement when signing a bill into law, and critics said the statements at times showed government officials how to circumvent the law if Bush disagreed with it on constitutional grounds. 

How far back does he want to reach? Signing statements are now in Obama’s radar along with executive orders. Again, as with the executive orders, Bush’s name is cited. However, given the asterisks denoting other presidents and signing statements, can we expect more than one president’s executive orders to be under such scrutiny, too?

He has promised change, after all, and called for remaking the country.