Can we get off this bus?

Like, now?

When Obama won the presidential election, there were many lofty concession speeches, well wishing, and more. I said no, then, and I say no louder now.

I’ve watched the news and read blogs asking Obama to please shut up because every time he speaks the stock market tanks and a sort of side-stepping of the probability that is exactly what he wants. He is not that dumb that he doesn’t know this happens, so please stop begging him to shut up and recognize what his goal is.

He’s driving the bus we’re on (the United States) down a road to a destination where we don’t want to go. The only ones who want to go there don’t really understand where there is. Instead of waiting for him to throw us under the bus and running over us with the wheels can’t we just get off on our own steam? If enough of us get off and block the road we can stop the trip instead of sticking around to be picked off one by one. Together we’d make a pretty big roadblock, wouldn’t you say? 

Today, shortly before he gave his angry speech about business regulations, the stock market was attempting to inch upward. Had his speech been earlier in the day, we could have expected a greater slide because it started out in a slide and the longer he was silent today, the further up it inched.  Just a few minutes before he stepped before the podium, the Dow was down 16 points. By the time he finished, it was down 81.

Obama and the Democratic Congress are deliberately destroying the free market and curtailing our liberties as well. It’s all down to words and actions. He says one thing, Congress says the same, then they do exactly the opposite. So, when Obama says he’s not for nationalization, look out, because that’s exactly his aim. Polite disagreement is not going to stop them. It’s time for some plain speaking and plain actions no matter who might say they’re offended.

I, for one, am tired of tiptoeing around “touchy” subjects for fear of offense. Anything is a touchy subject if it isn’t what the others want to hear which can net a racist charge or something else equally untrue. So the only choice we’re left with is silence.  Silence implies consent. Trust me on this. I used to be part of the silent majority. I voted the “right way” but I never said much, or complained much, waving it off as typical political mumbo jumbo. Silence just allows more and more indignities to be heaped upon us.

I’m silent no more and I aim to misbehave.