We Need a Constantly Updated Post for Voter Intimidation

Yesterday, Moe Lane had two articles up about vandalsim, one reported the targeting of the Republican headquarters in Murfreesboro TN. The other reproted of another incident took place in St. Paul WI targeting Sen Coleman’s residence.

Today, there is another one, expect this time it’s Florida and the weapon of choice seemed to be a pellet gun. It’s starting to get scary out there and there are still 12 days to go.

Now, I know there are reports from “the other side” about their signs being vandalized or stolen but this has moved from realm of petty vandalism into violent acts of intimidation.

Bricks and pellet guns can cause a lot of damage if they hit something that might not have been the intended target, like windows in these cases. You can kill somebody if they hit the right spots.

I think we need a post always on top to log these incidences if for no other reason than to know what we’re facing.

Or am I worrying needlessly?

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